Contact Adhesive or Glue - Conta.

    Contact Adhesive or Glue - Conta.



    Contact Glue or adhesive - Conta Glue

    An excellent adhesive for joining and bonding materials such as: timber, wood, MDFs, Particle boards, block-boards, lipping on wood panel boards, Laminates and plywood.

    Great for carpentry and home repairs and bonds stronger on wood.

    Once the contact adhesive is applied to both surfaces and allowed to dry, the actual assembly of the two parts takes but a few minutes, and the parts are useable immediately!  Once it sticks, it is stuck for good!


    • High bonding power,
    • attractive appearance,
    • Quick drying.

    Appearance: Brown viscous gel or suspension.

    Application: By brush or glue rollers.

    Pack Sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml, ½ Kg, 1Kg, 4Kg & 25Kg

    Other Directions: Store in a cool dry place.


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