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How to use our online cutting list optimizer

Do you want to access to our cutting list optimizer platform? First you need to contact us to create for you the account.

Begining of December of 2019, we introduced Meru Timber online cutting list platform, adding more flexibility on our service delivery to your clients. Moreover, the platform gives you the full context needed to manage and create your cutting list effectively, so you can get instant quote from the comfort of your home without having to physically visit our workshop.

Step #1 – Connecting to the cutting list optimizer

Type Meru Timber using google search under your web browser and Meru Timber website will appear on the top page. You will then click in the web address highlighted below to access Meru Timber website. Remember to add the page to your favorites, it will save you time when future uses of our tool.

Here is how the google search result to Meru Timber website will look like:

online cutting list optimizer search for Meru timber

You will then be directed to Meru Timber web as show below. Now, you need to click on ‘my cutting list projects.’

Alternatively, you can directly access our online cutting list management and ordering platform.

my cutting list tab in Meru Timber

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a tab with the name ‘Manage my cutting list now!’ Click on one of the tab.

manage my cutting list tab

You can then connect to our online cutting list platform using your usual email address and your password. 

Remember you need to click on the ‘English’ link below to change to English.

Online cutting list platform

If you do not have any ID yet to log to our online cutting list optimizer, you can contact us directly by email at or by phone +254-721-534508 and we will create an account as soon as possible.

Our online cutting list optimizer has  quite pretty awesome features to play with, so we went ahead and recorded a quick video of how to use them:

Step #2 – 1st connection

Once we receive your request, we will set up your account and afterward, you will receive the below email to reset password. 

online cutting list platform email notification

Simply click on the link “Se your initial password” from the email above.

Activating your online cutting list platform

You can then access the screen below which allows you to choose your first password. Remember to keep it a secret!

Creating new account for online cutting list optimisation

Homepage to online cutting list optimizer interface

Home of the online cutting list interface you are here at the reception of your personal space. You will find three tabs that allow you to check your saved drafts cutting list, your orders being processed as well as orders already finalized.

online cutting list home page

You can at any time make a new cutting list for your cabinets or wardrobes by clicking on the “new project” tab.

Step #3 – The information for 1st cutting list project

The 3 fields framed on the image below (PO order, reference 1, reference 2 are totally free fields in which you can write useful information like your purchase order or quote number, information about your client, etc. Please note that information will then appear on your labels.

online cutting list information

Step #4 – The Pieces or parts

This step is where you will fill in the necessary parts for your project. The box “Material” is to be filled by the reference of the desired product.

Note: by clicking on the boxes that appear in red, you will be able to fill in their content.

In the interests of compatibility, we request you to avoid accents and special characters in these boxes.

Entry of edgebanding material to cutting list

by clicking on the boxes that appear in red, you will be able to fill in their content.

Sorting sheets in the cutting list optimizer

The arrows indicate the drop-down menus that you can use to refine your selection. The cross allows you to delete and reset the settings.

Tip (light bulb): using our internal references, the various drop-down menus are directly filled with the appropriate attributes. (The references must be entered in capital letters).

Then clicking on the edges tab, you will be able to define the different characteristics of your edge-banding and especially the colour and sizing of the material. It is therefore possible to enter the characteristics via the drop-down menus, without forgetting specify the color and size of the edge-banding in the custom configuration box.

Sheet panels for cutting list optimiser

Step #4: CNC machining –Hinge holes & Grooving

Once you have entered the type of panel board, the length, width, quantity of parts to be cut including edging, you can further determine the machining to be carried out on the part. You have up to four machining options for each part i.e Machining1, Machining 2, Machining 3 and Machining 4. Each machining has several CNC operations as demonstrated below:

  • Malpha Hinge holes
  • 32mm drilling
  • Pocketing
  • Circles
  • Grooving
Hinge hole and grooving machining

The dimensions for CNC operations in each machining can be determined parametrically by adjusting the sizes and location of the machining in Parameter 1, Paramater 2, Parameter 3 and Parameter 4. For example if you need a groove on any parts which is 18mm away from the edge and with thickness of 3mm. You select Groove from either of the machining 1,2,3 and 4. Then you click on the grid in the parameter column and pop-up dialogue box will appear.  Key in the dimensions as that you would desire we cut for you. See the highlighted example below.

Parametric setting of grooving machining

Step #4: Optimization

Once you have completed filling in your cutting list project and each red highlighted box, you should get a screen like the one below. You just have to press the button “Optimize “to launch your optimization. You then get the screen below:

Optimize your cutting list project

Thanks to the optimizer, you can easily control:

  • The amount of panels needed
  • The necessary edge length (expressed in linear meters)
  • The number of cuts

You can then decide to validate your price request or modify your request via the tabs at the top right.

We hope this guide will help you become familiar with using our optimizer.

Please note that we remain at your disposal for any questions you may have.

+245-721-534508, by mail to  or you can contact use. 

Remote Connection: Via team viewer for help and support.

Having a problem using our optimizer?

Give us control of your computer remotely by downloading teamview on your computer and sending us your teamviewer ID and Password, so that we showed you how our online platform works.

Contact us to create an account.

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