Precision and Clean Cut

 for all your wood sheets and MDF boards requirements!

melamine shelf cut to size

We offer MDF cutting services to ensure your board sizes are of unparalleled precision and the highest quality.

Besides, we offer melamine board cutting services and other custom MDF cutting services which includes high gloss boards, melamine boards, laminated board to particle boards, e.t.c

We use the state-of-the-art automated machinery and online cutting optimization software which guarantees our client that their boards are cutting with utmost precision. Therefore, we can guarantee our clients of the highest quality standards and crisp clean cut edges.

Our Simple, easy to use online optimization software maximizes the yield in every wood sheet or board and saves costs by reducing waste. 

We offer one fixed price for a cutting wood sheet no matter how many cuts you require.

For a no obligation online quote, please link below with your cut to size requirements. Also include as much information as possible. Alternatively for help and advice please call +254-721-534-508.

Please specify dimensions (Length , Width and Thickness) in mm.

Minimum wood sheet cutting sizes are 100 x 50 mm.

In all cases, the edge thickness is deducted from the panels size by us!

MDF cutting cutting services

Computer controlled Wood Panel Cutting

Our saws are capable of cutting wood sheet and panel sizes up to 3,050 mm long x 2,135 mm wide and sheet thicknesses up to 80mm with a sizing accuracy of 0.1mm +/-.

We can produce your exact MDF cutting and Particle boards cutting requirements within a short lead time for any project ranging from DIY to large commercial installations..