block board

Blockboard comes in different sizes and thickness with 2440 x 1220mm x 18mm being the standard size of Block Board. Buy high-quality Boardboard at Meru Timber. Our value range of boards come in thickness of 12mm, 18mm and 25mm. We also off online cutting services and delivery services within and around Nairobi.

Blockboard is a wood-based panel made from uniform wood strips sandwiched on both sides with plywood. These softwood strips are about 40mm wide joined edge to edge and bonded together under high pressure.

Its smooth surface and strength make blockboard suitable for making wardrobe doors, doors, panelling, Shelves, panelling, flooring, and partition walls cabinetry and other carpentry applications. Its generally used for interior usages, due to the type of glue used. For maximum strength, it is necessary to ensure that the core runs lengthwise.

BlockBoard has excellent screw holding or nail holding and can be considered solid wood. However, when using screws or nails, ensure they are in contact with the wood strips and not the gaps between the pieces. The edges of the Block Board are unattractive and can be edge banded with veneer or laminated lipping.

Block Board is lighter in weight, and it has excellent resistance to warping.

Additionally, our premium quality boards are chosen for their clean finish, ease of use and brilliant versatility. Nevertheless, all our vast range of panels come at great low prices!

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