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5 reason whey melamine faced chipboard is excellent for Kitchen Cabinets

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Why Melamine Faced Chipboard is great for Kitchen Cabinet Interiors

One of the critical things to know before buying a sheet of Melamine faced chipboard is that its applications in furniture making can be mindboggling.

Chipboards come with a high-quality melamine surface bonded to each side, which gives you wood-like texture and beautiful visual touch.

Benefits of Melamine faced Chipboards

The most common applications we see in relation to our melamine faced chipboards are shop fitting, bedroom wardrobes or closet, bathroom vanities, office furniture, doors and cabinetry projects.

While most fundis perceive MDF boards to be perfect in all aspect, laminated chipboards are cheaper, more versatile and strong.

If you are figuring out to yourself at the moment, “I really love the strength of laminated chipboard and want to use it, but I just wish it had a flashier finish”, well you’re in luck! Well, at Meru Timber, you will love the natural wood look and texture you get with our melamine faced chipboard. That’s part of the reason we have recently introduced a dozen of colour sheds of Melamine faced chipboard.

Benefits of using Melamine Faced Particleboard

  • It’s affordable
  • it’s durable
  • it’s easy to clean & maintain
  • there’s no sanding and finishing!

Melamine Particle board dirt cheap, it’s durable, it’s practical, and best of all, there’s no sanding and finishing!

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Melamine Particle board Come in a range of colours

Well, these boards are an amazing resource for your DIY projects. They come in a range of colours some which resemble wood grains such Walnut, Oak, Cherry, African Wenge e.t.c

Build a cabinet with it and you have interiors/surfaces easy to clean (yes!) and stain resistant (oh, yeah!).

Black Cherry MDF Natural Oak MDF American Walnut MDF Vancouver Maple MDF Bavarian Beech MDF Coimbra MDF Melamine_Particleboard_Merutimbers Shale Oak MDF

Stop the chipping monster on Melamine Faced chipboard

How to cut chip free melamine faced chipboards

Chip-out on edge of a melamine chipboard is a common problem when you use a general-purpose wood saw or simple panel saw which does not have a scoring unit.

To avoid such a hassle, we offer precise and clean cutting services to your preferred sizes on all melamine.

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Are you feeling inspired now? If you are, visit our online store, pick melamine faced particle boards colour shed of your choice, and be ready to prepare a cutting list project for your dream kitchen cabinet. 

Finally, use our online optimisation engine precise quote of your kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, or closet. If you’re still a little curious about our range, check out our other blog posts.

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