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4 Benefits of Soft Close Cabinet Hinges for your Kitchen or home

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Silence is golden: Soft-close cabinet hinges deaden the bang, quiet the slam

We encounter and use things daily that become so routine, so automatic that we do not recognise their existence. Homeowners need cabinet hinges to swing their cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, and other pieces of furniture, but sometimes overlooked in any kitchen or home.   Their function ensures cabinet or closet doors open and close as intended, predominantly within a smooth and easy action. cabinet hinges should be strong enough to endure repeated and constant use, or even withstand the occasional slamming!


To be clear, it is important to choose quality cabinet hinges that will withstand the test of time, functioning as well within years to come from the day of installation.  Otherwise, a beautiful kitchen can quickly spoil because of a cabinet door hinges creak on opening, become unaligned, or worse case, is fall off from its hinges! 

Technically, malpha hinge has two mounting plates connected via an arm. A Standard hinge has one plate with a cup that rests inside a 35mm hole bored into the back of the cabinet door, while the second plate fastens to the interior side of the face-frame or frameless cabinet box. Malpha hinges are relatively easy to install and they keep the aesthetics of your cabinets intact with no sign of the mechanism inside. Some concealed hinges require additional work, drilling a recess for the hinge position in the door.

4 advantages of Soft Close Hinges for your Kitchen or home

Soft close cabinet hinges has many advantages and is becoming very popular in most modern kitchens. The four advantages of installing soft close hinges for your kitchen are:

Increases the life – span of the cabinet

Installing soft close cabinet hinges ensures that the doors close slowly and silently. These auto close hinges also prevent the doors and drawers from getting damaged because of slamming. If you have kids at home, then installing soft close hinges in your home is a great idea. Your cabinets and drawers close slowly and thus prevent their fingers from getting hurt.

Silent and gentle

The soft close drawer runners increase the life of the drawers and cabinets. It makes sure that the drawers and doors are closed properly and puts less stress on the screws, drawer rails, and drawer stops. This increases the life- span of the furniture.

Keeps the contents intact

Banging the drawers and the cabinet doors often tend to disorganize the content kept within. When closed harshly, it can even damage the fragile items that have been kept inside. The soft hinge feature prevents breakage and keeps the contents in place.

Kid Safe

If you have kids at home then installing soft close cabinet hinges in your kitchen is a great idea. Your cabinets and drawers close slowly and thus prevent their fingers from getting hurt.

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We make sure that all our cabinets, wardrobes and closets wardrobes come loaded with technical excellence, superlative aesthetic and quality borne out of years for experience.  Make the most of your Kitchen moments with a remarkable blend of design genius and function intellect.

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